Wednesday, 15 August 2012

stationary shopping and planner hunting

Hi folks, i am off to local shopping center, tk maxx have some great new planners in and journals. also looking about for some bargains. will post up what i find. todays budget is €70. 

Paul :)


  1. Hi - how did you get on - any prize hauls?

    Do TK Maxx stock Filofax, or other brands?

  2. Hello Gerard, i went into TK Maxx, and found some lovely leather journals, I have lots but just like stocking up on them, also got some damaged filofax's pocket size and a5. one black and other grey. I think it can be luck of the draw to get some good stock put up on the shelves. Thks for looking in on my little blog. I did buy today a 2013 planner, a4 size, and i am afraid i spend more than i should have. :)