Monday, 2 April 2012

Upcoming reviews & recent purchases..!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have been using the Collins Weekly manager Planner for over 2 weeks now, and I am in the process of finalizing my review on it. (And a little hint, I LOVE IT..) But I wanted to put up a few pics of things I have bought over the last few weeks, and also some pics of upcoming reviews.

I bought this for sealing my hand written letters, I think it adds a little bit of elegance to a letter.

it is a ceramic mini seal, it adds an individual seal to your sealed letters. this one is by Stuart Houghton, I got it from Ebay. they come in single letters or the more expensive double letter version.

Below is a lovely new set of Text Liners / Highlighters. What i love about this pack is that they are refillable, great flow of color and don't dry out.

They are Faber-Castell 1548 , I have used them on moleskine, and my new collins planner, outstanding saturation, but no bleeding or smudges.

I also bought myself, a few new pens, a quick pic below of a few i keep in my car or in my laptop bag. And a pic of my current Fav pen attached to my beautiful brown Planner.

Thank you all for having a look at my offerings, and pls check back for the review on the collins Planner. have a great day. :)


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