Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Parker pen Refill change to GEL.

I have a beautiful Parker jotter pen. it had a normal fine roller ball refill, but as I am a lover of Gel pens, i found this walking around my local stationary store.

It is made by Parker for the jotter pens, a Gel refill, about .7 in size, but makes my great pen even better.

Cost €2.99


  1. I love the parker jotter. I guess i have six one in differenz colors. The only thing i do not like: Here in germany i find just 4 or 5 colors and they a little bit boring - like black, white an red (i have all three). I would like to see green, yellow, purple, pink etc. But the price is really good in my eyes.

    I hope you unterstood all. English is not my motherlanguage.

    Greets from germany

  2. Hi Jana,

    Yes I have just got the Silver and Silver/Gold jotter pen, I agree adding some colours would be great, The ones i have are all metal. Your English is great, thks for your comment. have a great Day. :)