Saturday, 22 December 2012

New moleskine pocket planner.

I just got my new pocket professional planner, and as I use it I will be updating this post.

First impressions are great, soft cover, great size. Now I just await my lamy vista fountain pen to compliment it.

Happy Xmas to everyone.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Update for Quiver purchase

Its here, my new beautiful brown Quiver double pen holder. Its so well made, pure craftmanship. The smell of the leather...lovely. the quality stitching , and its all mine. See pics below.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My purchase of quiver pen holder

I finally took the plunge and ordered a quiver brown leather dual pen holder. Cant wait. I will post pics and review when i get it.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My AMAZON diaries..! :)

The postman arrived today, with my Amazon Parcels, Inside there was 2 lovely new diaries/planners. 1 was a Collins Weekly 2013 12 months A5 leadership Diary, and my Moleskine Weekly Hard cover Large Planner.

The Collins is covered in black plastic, but nice feel to it, hopefully will stand up to some wear and tear.  
It is so slim, and will fit perfect in my laptop bag as a meeting planner. It is wire-bound and folds flat on the desk, added bonus.

What can i say about my Moleskine, Yes MY moleskine...! It is as usual pure class. This will be my main day to day Planner, along with my new mont blanc Pen I have ordered, yes i took the plunge.

Now a few Pictures of both Diaries.

Thks for reading Folks, Hope to hear about what planners you have bought, or thinking of getting.


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Slim 2013 Pocket Diary

Today folks, I was walking through my local stationary store "Easons" and i came across the following :

A lovely little stitch bound 2013 Diary, it has a simple black pvc plastic cover, but the paper inside is a eggshell cream, and actually very well made. Holds my Gel pens great. The normal planner section, with good amounts of space for such a little diary, but a great idea of a section like a planner but with wider lines for more info to be inserted, see pics.

It cost me €3.99 and that now makes diary number 8 I have bought for 2013...!!

Apologies for Quality of Pictures, taken on my phone.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Moleskine Purchase for 2013


I have been pondering what Planner to get for 2013 to carry in my laptop Bag for Day to Day use. I have a large desk planner which is great for meetings and note taking, but i needed a planner for when i am out on site and just need to reference for weeks ahead. 

So looking on some other planner sites, i came across the Usual suspects, but I eventually went for the old time faithful Moleskine Week to View, hard cover Planner. I just love the paper, and the way my hand writing seems to look alot better. I ordered it in black, but they have alot of different colours avail. 

again, just is such a pleasure to order from and pain free.

I would love to hear what planners you guys are looking to get for the new yr.


Irishplanner. :)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

stationary shopping and planner hunting

Hi folks, i am off to local shopping center, tk maxx have some great new planners in and journals. also looking about for some bargains. will post up what i find. todays budget is €70. 

Paul :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Desk Planner

This is my beautiful Desk sized Planner, made by Gilt Edged. it is an Ambassador Week to View Planner.

Review to follow, just a teaser for now.!

Parker pen Refill change to GEL.

I have a beautiful Parker jotter pen. it had a normal fine roller ball refill, but as I am a lover of Gel pens, i found this walking around my local stationary store.

It is made by Parker for the jotter pens, a Gel refill, about .7 in size, but makes my great pen even better.

Cost €2.99

Pen Carry

I found that when in the Car, and i wanted a good pen to write with, i was fishing around in the door pockets and the centre console, and just grabbed any pen that came to hand. When I really wanted to write with one of my fav pens. So i went to the local shops and picked up this little holder, cost me €5 and is great.

Holds alot of pens and sits on the passenger seat and is always in handy reach. 

Back to Blogging.!


After being away working for several months, its now time to catch up, and re-stock my little blog. I will be posting my update on the Collins planner, and also sharing some of my recent purchases. I have even ordered and am awaiting the courier to drop off my selection of 2013 Diaries and planners.

So keep a look out for my posts and ty for everyone's support.

Have a great Day.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Upcoming reviews & recent purchases..!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I have been using the Collins Weekly manager Planner for over 2 weeks now, and I am in the process of finalizing my review on it. (And a little hint, I LOVE IT..) But I wanted to put up a few pics of things I have bought over the last few weeks, and also some pics of upcoming reviews.

I bought this for sealing my hand written letters, I think it adds a little bit of elegance to a letter.

it is a ceramic mini seal, it adds an individual seal to your sealed letters. this one is by Stuart Houghton, I got it from Ebay. they come in single letters or the more expensive double letter version.

Below is a lovely new set of Text Liners / Highlighters. What i love about this pack is that they are refillable, great flow of color and don't dry out.

They are Faber-Castell 1548 , I have used them on moleskine, and my new collins planner, outstanding saturation, but no bleeding or smudges.

I also bought myself, a few new pens, a quick pic below of a few i keep in my car or in my laptop bag. And a pic of my current Fav pen attached to my beautiful brown Planner.

Thank you all for having a look at my offerings, and pls check back for the review on the collins Planner. have a great day. :)


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Collins Classic Manager Week soon.

(Please excuse pic quality, taken on my phone, i was that excited to share)

Hello Folks,

My next post will be on what arrived in the Post from Amazon today, yes it my new Collins Classic Manager Weekly Planner (have to admit I saw it reviewed on Plannerisms and wanted one. Pics and my review to follow, also followed up by my recent purchases from of all Places TK-Maxx, I got some beautiful leather journals. Check back for the review.

Thks Paul

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What I am currently Using for Day to Day Planning

I wanted to start off my first post with a little snap shot of what I am currently using on a day to day basis. I have been addicted to planners and diaries for over 20 yrs and I have tried every type on the planet. I have to admit I have bought to many, and apologies to my beautiful wife for putting up with my OCD about planners.

I found after yrs of trying the the perfect planner does not exist, but I am giving it a good go to try and find the perfect solution that works for me. Below is a current sample combination that I am using at the moment. It suits my needs in the following ways. For daily planning and note taking for my job, I use a beautiful Leather Daily planner which I bought while on a recent trip to South Africa. It has the perfect combination of Monthly views, Weekly planning and big Daily pages for lots of note taking. I will break down each section with a little picture and and brief description. I also use an Old leather pocket diary cover , which houses my Pocket Week to View Diary from gilt Edged. Its a Senator Diary Refill.

Above on the left is the Old Leather Diary Pocket, It is made from the best Leather I have ever had the pleasure to hold. It requires some Leather nourishment treatment from time to time. Soft and the leather smell is amazing. This pocket gem is with me everywhere I go, it has all my quick notes in it. A great and simple to see the week ahead.  more on the Pens I use in this little gem later. Above on the right is my main work Diary, It is A5 in size, leather and again is a pleasure to use.

Below is a few shots of the Daily planners pages and the types of layouts it offers. This is the Quick monthly View, allowing you to put in some quick notes for the coming month. across from the monthly view is a budget planner, again a quick reference point for major expenses, ie..bills due and the like. The paper is White, acid free, about 90 gs. There is no shine of the paper, and it takes well to my beautiful Zebra SARASA 0.7 gel pen. No bleed through, and the ink dries very quickly.

Next and below is the Daily page view, it has lots of space for notes and top priority bars for important notes for the day ahead. it shows a 3 month quick shot of the calendar, also as it is a Christian Diary every page has a few scripture versus. this for me makes each day a pleasure to read. Time slots are in half hr slots, and completion marks are on the left, very useful.

Below is the yr planner layout, just enough space to write in some notes, I mainly use this section with abbreviations, as it saves space and is easier to read.

At the beginning of each month there is a paragraph wit some encouraging words. see below.

Next is my Little Pocket wonder. I have had this Diary Cover since 2000 and have loved it ever since. It has sooo many air-miles on it. Did i mention the quality of the leather..!! lol Inside the fron cover is space for 4 credit cards, and a full length pocket at the back.

I currently have this filled with my Favourite pocket refill from Gilt Edged Diaries, the paper is top class, Smooth and able to take the gel from my fav pen with no bleed through or smudges.

Below is the Week to View layout, it has ample amount of lines to let you put in the key notes that I require on a day to day basis. The diary is Spiro bound, this allows me to write to the edge of each page. It also has tear off tabs for quick location of the current page.

at the back I have also added in an additional Notes insert, 16 pages in total, this allows me to change it over to the next pocket diary in 2013. Again the quality of the paper is amazing. see below.

There is also the beautiful maps and information sections that are included in this little wonder. See a few pics below.

Well I hope you enjoy reading this little blog, and I am looking forward to my next blog about my other Desk Sized Gilt Edged Diary/Planner. Leather bound of course. Many thks Paul.

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Have a great Day , all the best from Ireland. :)